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When developing SCORM packages, it’s important to assure that the learners have access to these packages, right? The following are the main benefits of system testing:

  • Improve SCORM quality. A comprehensive SCORM testing process ultimately boosts the training quality. Since an integrated system is tested through multiple test sets in a product development cycle, it provides a glimpse into whether a product can successfully work across different platforms and environments.
  • Frustration reduction. Some errors are bound to happen during the development of complex systems. System testing verifies a system’s code and functionality against its requirements, so errors that aren’t detected during integration and unit testing can be exposed during system testing.
  • Cost savings. It can be more time-consuming to fix a SCORM defect that’s detected later in the training lifecycle. Conducting timely and continuous system testing not only reduces unexpected costs and training delays, but also provides project managers with better budget control.
  • Security. Well-tested products are reliable. They ensure that the tested system doesn’t contain potential vulnerabilities that can put end users and system data at risk of potential threats.
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