We create eLearning content that makes the difference

Our focus is on what it takes for people to make fundamental changes.

Loop2Learning can be seen as re-framing how we define situations, how we construct our roles, and what we take to be desirable outcomes.

How can we help you?

Your people need to change and improve so that your business can thrive. Helping you accomplish this is what we do.
Will you choose typical or serious eLearning? You can choose both!
But we recomend serious 🙂

Analisys to Evaluation

We use analysis to evaluation, the bookends of the ADDIE model, to put forth the concept that we are the vendor-partner who can shepherd your engagement from start to finish, and address your challenges regardless of size or complexity. We always start with analysis, focusing intently on the underlying business drivers and the dimensions of the overall situation. Once we understand the business objectives, we work on strategy, helping you define and implement the right formula for success.

Mobile Learning

In our world, “mobile” means tablet or smartphone, and “mobile learning” means using these devices to deliver training and performance support to your audience. We help you identify the right platforms, and then design, build, and test your solution so it works precisely where and how you need it to work. Want to create new mobile learning? Or, perhaps you have materials that you want to convert to mobile? No problem. We can help you make the right call.


Whether you are new to eLearning or a veteran of the field, you know this powerful delivery modality has the potential to transform your organization. And yet, it offers a veritable and sometimes daunting maze of choices—from avatars to authoring tools.
At Loop2Learning, we live and breathe eLearning, and we partner with you from start to finish.

ILT and ViLT

Our custom, instructor-led training (ILT) delivers group synergy and real-time facilitator feedback to learners with a personalized touch. Engaging activities, such as competitive games, turn up the dial on participation and retention. Can’t get everyone in the same room? Virtual instructor-led training (VILT) offers a cost-saving alternative to traditional classrooms.

Games and Simulations

We live for these projects.
With gamification, we’re using game-based thinking, aesthetics, and mechanics to engage people, motivate action, promote learning, and solve problems. Our immersive simulations put learners in a virtual work environment where they practice, learn from mistakes, and get real-time coaching. Have us show you examples of our innovative solutions. We’ll show you how fun and games can be serious business.

Video, audio and animation

And... action!
A dynamic scene, a moving image, and a perfectly cued sound effect make everyone snap to attention. In the world of learning, attention means retention - an emotional response makes an experienced stick in our brains. Video, audio, and animation bring concepts to life, whether seeing a new skill played out in a scenario, hearing a company message from a peer, or interacting with a 3D object.


Our job is to create amazing learning experiences and we are proud of what we do. 

Our Customers

Here are some happy customers

"Amazing content development and quality work!"

Working with Loop2Learning made a huge difference in the way we see eLearning. They are at a different level, and so are we!
LxD, Danone

"High standards is what you get"

The team is very responsive and makes every possible effort in meeting the expectations. They are highly professional members who take every project, small or big, with utmost sincerity and commitment. Working with them was an incredible experience and we look forward to opportunities on associating with them.
Data Scientist

"Great reviews about your work"

We have great reviews from our colleagues regarding Loop2Learning work at the Commission. I hope we can keep our partnership because their experience and ideas have improved our eLearning products.

The process

Would you like to start a project with us?

Our team will work hand in hand with yours to address the big-picture and conceptual framework of your learning solution. From needs analysis to performance mapping, and creating a rollout plan.

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